Adjustable Trade Lock Jig Instructions

To use the B W Lockjig you will need:

  • A plunge router
  • 12mm long reach cutter
  • 16mm guide bush and a 4mm spacer
  • 17mm guide bush and a 5mm spacer
  • A wedge or some type of door clamping device to hold the door in place while using the B W Lockjig.
  • Hand Tools

This adjustable trade lock jig is intended to be used with a plunge router with a suitable guide bush and router cutter selected and fitted to rout the spindle hole, the selected keyhole type aperture and the faceplate. The B W Lockjig is placed on the door at the given spindle height and then tightened. A self centring drill bit guide with a sleeve width of 6mm can be used to mark for the bolt through holes. (Warning, using a regular drill bit will over time increase the bolt through hole size and damage the side plates.)

Please take the time to read and understand the B W Lockjig safety instructions, and the power tool instructions, before use.

  • Keep these instructions in a safe place.
  • Users in the UK must pay attention to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, and any subsequent amendments.
  • The user should also read the HSE/HSC Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Document and any amendments.
  • The user of this product must be competent in using wood working tools and equipment.
  • All users must be competent in using woodworking tools before using this product.
  • The user must consider the working environment before working with tools.
  • Make sure the door is held in place securely with a wedge or a clamping device, and that the working area is clear of obstructions. Also make sure that the user is in a comfortable position before use.
  • Please keep children/visitors clear from tools and the working area. Power tools come with a certain amount of risk so the operator must proceed with caution.

Tools used must meet EN847-1/2 safety standard and any amendments.

Adjustable Trade Lock Jig

Jig Parts

  • 1A Face plate left side
  • 1B Face plate right side
  • 2A Side plate left side
  • 2B Side plate right side
  • 3. Stop end
  • 4. Key hole backing plate
  • 5. Key hole type
  • 6. Side plate screw
  • 7. Star knob & thrust pad
  • 8. Faceplate screw
  • 9. Fixed screw
  • X. Spindle line
  • Y. Backset line