Here you can find a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers, FAQ’s…

Q: Can I use any router?
A: Yes, as long as it’s a plunge router.

Q: Can the jig cope with different back sets?
A: The B W Lock jig can deal with the 2 most common back sets 44mm and 57mm. Also, by adding 3mm nylon washers it can cope with the 60mm back sets.

Q: Can the jig be used for cutting the mortise?
A: Although the jig can be used for a mortise, most locks are too deep for any available router cutter and would have to be finished off with a spade bit to get to the required depth.

Q: What size cutter and guide bush works with the jig?
A: The cutter needed is a 12mm long reach cutter. The guide bush is either 16mm guide bush (with a 4mm spacer) or a 17mm guide bush (with a 5mm spacer).

Q: Can the jigs do Euro Cylinder locks?
A: The jig can be used for different keyhole types by fitting additional keyhole type plates like Euro Cylinders, bathroom, keyhole and oval locks and can also be adjusted for latches.

Q: Can you use a cordless router?
A: Yes you can. As long as it plunges.

Q: What door thicknesses can the jig be fitted to?
A: The jig B W Lock jig can be fitted to the most common door widths from 34mm – 60mm thick.

Q: Can the B W Lock Jig be used for locks with rounded face plates?
A: Yes. The B W Lock Jig can cope with rounded face plates by fitting radius plates to the end stops of the jig. Use the chart to select the right size for the lock that you are fitting.

Q: Does the jig leave a mark on the door after its been clamped?
A: No, there is a 32mm thrust pad on the inside of the jig to spread the pressure.

Q: How do I go about cleaning the jig?
A: The jig can be cleaned with a clean cloth and white spirit.