“I came across Ben and BW Jigs on a carpenter page on Facebook and really liked the look of the jig so I decided to give it a go I received the jig within 2 days ofPlacing my order and when I put it to use I was not disappointed it’s strong and very easy to use highly recommend any carpenter/joiners to get one”

“I purchased a lock jig from Ben at BW Jigs a couple of months ago. I have been a carpenter for 30 years, once I saw Bens video on Facebook I didn’t hesitate to make the purchase. Currently working on mainly new build properties, hanging on lots of doors – this has speeded the process up of fitting the locks/latches in at least half the time of a hammer and chisel. This product is unbelievably well made and I cannot recommend this product enough.”

As soon as I seen this jig I new I wanted it because locks is that one job you’d love to avoid and can be time consuming but I got In contact with Ben and bought the jig and now I can do locks in less than half the time I would advise anyone that is 2nd fixing houses or anything to do with doors get this jig it will have its way payed on the first job Highley recommend

“I bought my jig late last year and within 2 months of owning it it paid for itself. It is very easy to use and very accurate. This jig saves me so much time . I’m very pleased with it and it is well worth the money”

“I purchased one of Ben jig. And it works a treat, I do a lot of second fix work and it’s help me get my work done faster, it’s very easy to set up and use. When I come across Ben’s jigs on Facebook, I messaged Ben, he got back to within minutes. And sent me the details for PayPal it’s was done in minutes, the service is very easy and quick, 2 days I had the jig from when I ordered it. 10 out of 10 for the jig and the service.”